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Prosearium.net is an initiative to document African women of all backgrounds and their experiences creating and contributing to games. This is a step towards increasing the participation of African women in game development, and carving a space for ourselves in the continents digital history. Here's our progress so far:
100 women in games
20 video interviews
Workshops hosted

Latest News

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Get involved

Here are ways that you can help us get to our goal of documenting 1000 African women creating and self-publishing their own games.
Let us profile you
Are you a woman in Africa that has made a game before or wants to make a game? It doesn’t matter what kind of game as long as we can see it exists! If you are interested, we would love to profile you and highlight your game here. Click here for a profile request or contact us below.
Support us on Patreon
Contribute to the growth of prosearium.net by supporting at patreon.com/prosearium. All patrons will have early access and exclusive content available to them every month from our team. You may also contribute more to request and have access to approved statistics that will be sent monthly.
Host a workshop
If you would like to have a group of friends or women you know learn to make games and self-publish them, contact us. We can work together to host a workshop in any location remotely, or a physical workshop if we have volunteer leads in your area.


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