#BlackLivesMatter Support An Initiative

Hi Zambian women. We will pay you to write articles for us on topics related to games. Give us your perspective to share with the world.

As part of our goal to increase the visibility and participation of African women in the games industry, we are accepting game development and gaming related articles from Zambian women.


  • Must be a Zambian woman
  • Must be able to receive payment in Zambia
  • Minimum 950 words of original content per article
  • Topic must be about or related to the following:
    • your experience with game development
    • a review of a game or games that you’ve played that left an impression on you
    • your perspective on a topic related to the games industry

We prefer sincere and/or engaging writing so that we can give readers an insight into Zambian women and their relationship with games.

As the author, you will also need to provide a photo of yourself and at least two sentences about you so that we can highlight you as the contributor.


  1. First, ensure that you understand the criteria above
  2. Before you begin writing an article, email us at hello[at]prosearium[dot]net to discuss your idea for pre-approval.
  3. Once your idea is approved, you can go ahead with your writing.
  4. Email your draft, photo, author description, and any relevant article images or screenshots with captions to the above address.
  5. Payment will then be provided upon approval of the final draft of your article.


Articles will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout 2021
Submissions for the next month are due BEFORE the 21st of each month
A maximum of 4 articles per month are accepted for publication