#BlackLivesMatter Support An Initiative

Prosearium.net is an initiative to document 1000 African women of all backgrounds and their experiences creating and contributing to games.

We envision the digital future of Africa where all genders have a visible stake in the game development industry and benefit from it financially, culturally and socially. The games industry is still growing, and its global revenue has exceeded that of the film industry. However, very few games have the representation of African women through their characters, stories, and even their creators. Prosearium.net would like to take a step forward to increase the participation of African women in game development and carve a space in the continent’s digital history.

The website prosearium.net will be the home to the documentation of all work towards creating a digital garden of experiences by African women in the form of games.


Prosearium.net is a new initiative built on the back of already existing efforts to get more African women involved in game development through Ubongo Game Lab’s annual Games Plus Girls workshop. Since 2015, Ubongo Game Lab hosted an annual all-girls game development workshop in Lusaka, Zambia to get more Zambian women participating in Global Game Jam. In 2019, a decision was made to create an explicit initiative that focuses solely on getting a more visible representation of African women in game development. And thus, Prosearium.net was born.

Games Plus Girls 2018 workshop with Ubongo Game Lab and Asikana Network