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#37 Alphonsina Chikwashi

Meet Alphonsina Chikwashi, an artist with a fashion background and a love for video games. She was a volunteer for the Women Game Jam event that took place in August. Get to know Alphonsina and what her experience was at Women Game Jam below.

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#36 Olga Rodon Shinondo

I’m an assorted mix of a creative: gaming/music/digital art/photography/poetry with a love for the psychedelic side. I’ve been an active gamer since my early childhood and it’s something that never leaves you. Survival horror (the scarier/psychologically twisted/gorier the better) and RPG are my jam!

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#35 Naledi Matutoane

My name is Naledi but online I go by the tag Androva (you can call me Andy for short) and I’m a South African Apex/League of Legends/Valorant streamer. By day I’m a backend developer but by night, I stream on Twitch. My aim as a streamer/content creator is to be a diverse addition to the South African gaming/streaming/tech scenes.

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#34 Sylvia Gathoni

Meet Sylvia, aka Queen Arrow, a professional gamer and content creator for UYU and a Global eSports Federation Member. Sylvia plays Tekken professionally in tournaments, and she was the first African to be signed to a major e-sports team. Sylvia tells us more about herself and how she was able to make a name for […]

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#33 Malindi Chipenzi

Malindi is a Zambian student, gamer, content creator for Ai Gaming, and self-proclaimed extroverted introvert. She has a streaming channel on YouTube called Mali-Chan’s Bizarre Adventures and a Ko-fi page where she showcases her love for cosplay. Get to know Malindi and what are thoughts are on how to get noticed as a gamer. Tell […]

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#30 Cholwe Shabukali
Cholwe Shabukali

Meet Cholwe, co-founder of Team Gematrix, the first Esports Organisation in Zambia founded in 2018, with the vision of creating a platform for talent to grow and nurture their careers and compete with the very best around the world. Gematrix has competed in tournaments locally and internationally in Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Ireland, and North […]

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