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Adeline is a young game developer from Uganda who has worked on games with valuable user experiences. From working on a game that can be enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired individuals to a recent game, Local Heroes, that highlights the role of essential workers in Uganda during the current pandemic. Get to know Adeline and her contributions to the game development scene.

Tell us about yourself Adeline?

What can I say! I make games and I play games.

What are some games you really enjoy playing?

The games I have enjoyed most recently include Forza Horizon, Streets of Rage, and League of Legends. I am also addicted to Beat Saber. But in general, I like Action Adventure games like Uncharted.

When did you first get started with game development?

I started learning about game development in 2015/2016.

What role did you play in the creation of local heroes? Have you worked on other games as well?

I was the Programmer and Technical Designer. Yes, I have worked on several other games. While working at Oysters & Pearls, I worked with the team to develop an audio game, Little Timothy, that was designed to be enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired players. Since Oysters & Pearls also worked with the blind, it was a good opportunity to get the game tested by both blind and sighted players. Little Timothy was premiered at the Perkins International All Africa Forum for the Blind and VI by one of Oysters & Pearls blind team, Komakech Denis.

Local Heroes highlights essential workers role in Uganda. Was this inspired by the coronavirus pandemic? How did the idea come about?

Yes, Local Heroes was inspired by events surrounding coronavirus. The goal of the game was to give players a chance to assume the roles of frontline workers during the pandemic, and also to think about solutions to the problems faced by the community due the lockdown.

You seem to have an interest in Virtual Reality. Have you worked on any virtual reality projects or events?

I have been very interested in Virtual Reality since I first tried on the Google Cardboard in 2015. However, working with Oysters & Pearls in 2018 & 2019 granted me the wealth of understanding, exposure and growth that established VR as a major part of my career. One of the VR projects I worked on during that time was a shooter game for Oculus Go, which earned me Oculus Start Membership. I also organized VR Day 2018 and 2019 events hosted by Oysters & Pearls, which was a good way for us to help make VR more accessible to the local community.

What would you say the state of game development looks like in Uganda?

Still budding, there are a few developers working in the space but limited opportunities.

What would you like to see more of in the games industry in Africa and globally?

In Africa, I would like to see better opportunities for training and growth, more funding, and games that can compete in the international market.

Anything else you would like to tell us? A fun fact about yourself?

Between February and July 2020, I participated in 22 weekly game jams.

Play Local Heroes on Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MotivCreations.LocalHeroes

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