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#35 Naledi Matutoane

My name is Naledi but online I go by the tag Androva (you can call me Andy for short) and I’m a South African Apex/League of Legends/Valorant streamer. By day I’m a backend developer but by night, I stream on Twitch. My aim as a streamer/content creator is to be a diverse addition to the South African gaming/streaming/tech scenes.

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#27 Ritalucia Henry-Andoh
Ritalucia Henry-Andoh

Ritalucia is a gamer, streamer, and intersectional feminist from Ghana. She is also the co-founder of an art collective called Artemartis which aims to grow artistic talent in the country. Get to know Ritalucia, how she balances her love for art and gaming, and what her advice is for streamers. Tell us about yourself, Ritalucia. […]

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