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We kicked off 2020 with a visual novel workshop in Lusaka and we’re excited to have our first contributor to the prosearium.net project as a result of this! Tendai was a participant of the workshop and is no stranger to using visual art as a form of expression. Here we interview Tendai about her experience creating her first visual novel and what games mean to her.

Tendai Njovu

Tell us a bit about yourself Tendai

Hello my name is Tendai Njovu aka Mangaka Hanten. I am a veterinary student at the University of Zambia and a comic artist. 

What are your favorite kinds of games?

My favorite kind of games have to be RPGs, fighting style games and visual novels.

Do you have a game in mind that has made a profound impression on you? If yes, Why?

Love Nikki, a dress-up game with a cool storyline, helped me a lot during my era of depression, it was fun distracting and interactive. It’s fun art style accompanied with lots of quests and cool features were what I needed in times of panic, if I could create or even illustrate for such a game I would be quite happy. 

What brought you to the prosearium.net visual novel workshop?

I love visual novels and as an artist, building one sounded like a good way to expand my career as an upcoming artist.

What inspired the game you made?

My little angel Bella, she was my service dog and best friend. I loved her little antics. May her furry precious soul rest in peace.

You managed to design a complete experience in 2 hours. That is really impressive. Do you think you will make other games and/or do any further work on the game you made?

I would love to expand this prototype game and show you guys more of how her life was like and a chance to get to imagine life in her eyes. Other than this I actually do have an old comic I did not fully develop and I am more than excited to make this love triangle a visual novel (if I can get my hand around the coding lol).

Is there more you would like to see in the game development industry globally and in Africa?

Definitely we have so many stories, so much creativity, so so so much to share and we should take the bull by the horns and do more in what is not expected from us.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

In conclusion, I can say ever since my dogs passing it’s been hard to get my anxiety on a grip without her, communities like this help encourage me to put stuff out there, even though it was a simple prototype, I felt heavily accomplished to not have let my anxiety cancel my day, idea or even group development of this game. Thanks for the support from the team that was there making it and I hope you can all play a full game by Mangaka Hanten soon.

You can play Tendai’s game ‘What’s in your mouth Bella?’ here: https://mangakahanten.itch.io/whats-in-your-mouth-bella

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