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Ritalucia is a gamer, streamer, and intersectional feminist from Ghana. She is also the co-founder of an art collective called Artemartis which aims to grow artistic talent in the country. Get to know Ritalucia, how she balances her love for art and gaming, and what her advice is for streamers.

Ritalucia Henry-Andoh

Tell us about yourself, Ritalucia.

My name is Ritalucia Henry-Andoh, I’m a 21-year-old, gamer, streamer, artist, and entrepreneur.¬† I run an art collective and business called Artemartis with a friend.

How did you get into the world of games? Did your love for art come first or was it influenced by your love for games?

My mother bought me and my brothers our first ever console, a Nintendo Wii and then later on she upgraded it to a PS4. We had a few games on it, call of duty and FIFA. Playing with my brothers was my way of bonding with them. My love for art somewhat came after my love for gaming, during a certain period in my life I decided to stop gaming, for a silly reason, to be more girly! During that time I started drawing more and found solace in my art.

Tell us about Artemartis.

Artemartis is an art business and a collective founded by my friend, Selasi Gomado, and I in 2018. We started with an art website and then we got into having exhibitions hosted in Accra, Ghana. We work with a limited number of artists at a time and we aim to build their careers and help branch out to create bigger platforms for artists in Ghana.

If you had to live in the world of the last game you played, what would it be?

Oh wow, well the last game I played was The Last of Us part 2, so I would not be very happy about that. Running from zombies and all that!

Have you ever thought about developing your own game? If so, what would it be about?

I’ve never given it much thought. If I ever did develop a game it would be in the realms of adventure, magic, and zombies, with a great storyline so the game draws you in!

Do you have any advice on how to enhance the experience for your viewers or how to improve engagement?

I would advise using multiple platforms to engage with viewers, such as Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to constantly provide your viewers with content. And keep them engaged. Ask them questions about their day and what they are up to while they watch your stream so it feels more like a conversation. Because that’s what I feel Twitch is, it’s just a big group chat.

What is the most interesting experience you have had while playing a game?

Once while playing Apex Legends, I played with this little boy probably around 9-10 years old and I was playing quite well that day if I do say so myself. When we won the game, in the end, he exclaimed “Woah you’re even better than Zylbrad”. I’ve never forgotten that because Zylbrad is a huge YouTuber who is amazing at Apex and to be compared to him was a nice ego boost!

What would you like to see more of in the African gaming scene and the gaming scene globally?

I would love to see more female gamers in the African gaming scene and I’d especially love to see an all-female competitive team in the global gaming scene especially on the apex competitive scene.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? A fun fact?

I’d simply like to say be kind to each other and remember that love is love. I am Lady¬≠_legagus99 on Twitch and tiktok, and Lady Legasus on Twitter.

Follow Ritalucia on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lady_legasus99

Ritalucia's Twitch

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