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Imagine a computer scientist in Zambia, vouching for a government position as a member of parliament and adamant about equal participation in games related events for all, awesome right? Meet Linda Shachinda. Running an NGO that helps fill the gap in gender divide in tech. Focusing on people in rural areas. She believes in empowering women through her constituency using the member parliament position. As she feels that the tech gap is underrated in Zambia. She would like to see more women participating in Global Game Jam because it is a platform that gives both men and women equal tasks in technology and game development. Watch this video to know more about Linda and how she is changing the tech game!

Fun Fact: “I am a trained coach in 4 disciplines namely football, volleyball, netball and badminton.”

Additional info that may be helpful:

  • She runs a digital marketing agency JMC agency
  • Investment in Fintech helping small businesses manage their finances.
  • She does a bit of fish farming.
  • She is always looking for the most innovative way to sort out an issue.
  • Believes technology can help mankind. Finding a better way to do stuff.
  • Has experience in teaching game development. She has experience using Sonic Pi, Ruby language and Scratch programming. Scratching programming is good for someone who has no computer knowledge.
  • Took part in global game jam it is an exciting experience and also depressing,
  • The last GGJ she used a stencil for an interactive game.
  • Being part of the global game jam is a great way to fill the game development gap in Zambia.
  • She is trying to identify ways to work with people in the rural areas in game development and technology-wise.
  • She believes She is trying to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas using tech.
  • She aims to offer game development classes to both genders.
  • Believes in increasing female participation in game development using more offline tools similar to Encarta.

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