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Meet Fakiyesi, a promising 18-year-old Nigerian footballer and gamer. Not only does she play FIFA, but Fakiyesi also showcases her own football highlights on her growing YouTube Channel, Abisola _games. Get to know Fakiyesi, how she got started in football and what she would like to see more of in gaming.

Tell us about yourself Fakiyesi

My name is Fakiyesi Abisola Anthonia. I’m from Ekiti State in Nigerian and I am a footballer. My favorite hobby is playing FIFA.

Note: Fakiyesi has a viral tweet showcasing her football skills. Check it out!

How did you get started with football? And what keeps you going?

I started playing football when I was young, playing with my brother and the neighbourhood kids. The love, passion, support, and motivation that I get from people keep me going!

What is your favorite team to play in FIFA?

My favorite team to play is Liverpool.

Do you get a similar feeling as playing FIFA as being on the field and playing football in real life?

Yeah! I feel like there’s a connection between both. Whenever I’m playing FIFA, I learn a lot of things that I try to relate to my position and how to play in reality.

Who are some of your football champions?

Nigerian footballers Desire Oparanozie and Asisat Oshoala, and Brazilian footballer Marta Vieira Da Silva.

You have created an in-game FIFA character (Gbolahan) on your YouTube channel. What inspired your character? Do you have any more?

I wanted to create a storyline with the name Gbolahan, like an in-game character. I do have lots more.

What does the future look like for Fakiyesi?

The future looks so bright! I’m so positive about that. God help me.

What would you like to see more of in the African gaming scene?

I’d like to see more FIFA female gamers. Where I am, I don’t even know any female gamer around, which is not supposed to be the case. I’d like to connect with more girls who play FIFA and other games.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us? A fun fact?

I actually beat 5 guys in a row in FIFA!

Check out Abisola’s first video from her channel and find out just how much she enjoys playing FIFA:

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